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    Guided by an empowerment evaluation approach that emphasizes capacity-building, MEMconsultants provides tools for assessing the planning, implementation and self-evaluation of programs to foster success. It is common for our clients to have evaluation ambitions that exceed their budget and capacity, and we work to find cost effective, feasible solutions that maximize research rigor within the level of resources an organization can dedicate to the project. To best fit the clients’ needs, we may share aspects of the evaluation activities such as data collection with program staff, or can complete all phases of an evaluation from planning to reporting ourselves.
    MEMconsultants begins almost all evaluation projects with careful planning and reflection on what it most important to a program and what most warrants an evaluation: a product of this planning is typically a program logic model that represents the program and distills its underlying logic or theory.
    At MEMconsultants, we give extra attention to data collection strategies that amplify the voices of all stakeholders, with a special focus on voices that have been historically underrepresented. In particular, we are proud of our work that gives voice to the youth who are served by our clients, through traditional feedback forms, interviews, and focus groups as well as through youth-led evaluation, listening sessions, interactive exhibits and other creative data collection methods. We also regularly work with organizations seeking feedback from non-English speakers, refugees, homeless individuals, and others for whom traditional data collection methods can fall short.
    While evaluations often end in a report, the nature of that report can vary a great deal. We specialize in reports that are easily understood and usable, clearly outlining lessons learned and potential action steps. We keep up-to-date in best practices in data visualization, and are proud of the clarity and visual appeal of our most recent charts, presentations and reports.
    We also help organizations and systems use their existing data to create useful, meaningful dashboards. Dashboards are concise visual reports that provide credible, timely, and relevant feedback for high quality team decisions and continuous improvement. Select team members are trained and experienced in Tableau.
    MEMconsultants specializes in facilitating participatory decision-making processes that uncover the wisdom in the group and result in lasting agreements and realistic plans. We design and deliver one-time workshops or multi-session trainings, cohort-model capacity building initiatives to support the learning needs of teams related to all aspects of program evaluation. We also design and deliver training and coaching for teaching artists and youth development professionals related to best practices in program delivery.
    Select staff members bring decades of experience in the nonformal education and youth development sectors, with a particular focus on arts education. We partner with organizations to develop innovative programs and curriculum for both new programs or to refresh a longstanding program. We employ the same values to the program design that we bring to our evaluation work: value of youth voice, emphasis on best practices and application of lessons learned, and a value of equity and inclusion.
    The foundation of many strategic planning processes is stakeholder voice and input. MEMconsultants supports organizations to gather board, leadership, staff, client, community and funder input. Inclusive, culturally sensitive processes and a focus on appreciative inquiry typically guide the activities and experiences we structure to gather input and prioritize values, vision, mission and strategic direction.


Whatever we face, MEM will provide indispensable insight to help us better understand our work, adapt, and be best positioned to share the story of our impact to our community and supporters."

Ruth Dickey, Former Executive Director,
Seattle Arts & Lectures